Social Media Strategy

social-media-strategySocial Media Strategy involves more than creating profiles. Adopting a Social Media Strategy is essential to achieving optimal results.

Social Media goals should align with your online marketing goals, all in the support of the overall business goals and objectives.

The two biggest objections we hear about Social Media – 1). it doesn’t work and 2).  it’s a fad and will fade away in the not so distant future.

The reality is that Social Media is nothing more than a new way of communicating, allowing us to engage with existing customers and prospects where they’re hanging out – online.

During our conversations with new prospects and clients, 99% of the people we talk with admit they have never created a social media plan.

Many businesses will develop a marketing strategy, some will develop an online marketing strategy, but few will create a Social Media strategy. It is important to understand that without a plan, you will never know if you are achieving what you set out to achieve.

Topics Covered:

• Goals & Objectives

• Social Media Research

• Locating Your Audience

• The Right Platforms

• Creating SEO Friendly Profiles

• Building Relationships

• Social Media Content

• Social Media Advertising

• Measuring and ROI

Class Duration: 90 minutes

e-Merge Online Marketing understands that combining business goals with our experience and training in developing social media marketing and online marketing strategies is the key to delivering optimal results.

Our core customers are those businesses who are interested in increasing revenue, memberships, contributions, subscriptions, sales, prospects, leads, customers and clients all with one thing in common – the need to market themselves online to help achieve these results.

From Social Media and Online Marketing Consulting for the “do-it-yourselfer” to completely outsourcing your Social Media Management efforts, e-Merge Online Marketing can handle it all.

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