LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn TrainingCreating an account on LinkedIn is easy.

Making it work for you to market you and your business doesn’t have to be complicated.

With over 350 million users on LinkedIn, this social networking site has become the first stop for professionals to not just recruit and hire talent, but to ask questions, get answers, prospect, and collaborate with other like-minded professionals.

To get noticed on a platform of this size takes some art, some science, and some training. Go beyond your resume and show your network who you are and what you can do for them. Optimize up your LinkedIn profile in search results and expand your professional network in a way that tells the story about your experience, achievements, and skills.

Go beyond the profile to create engagement, conversation, and community. We’ll show you how.

As a participant you will:

  • Learn the value of following a methodology on LinkedIn to get noticed.
  • Build an all-star profile that gets found in search results.
  • Develop a plan to grow your network.
  • Establish a process to leverage second-degree connections

As always, our learners leave with resources, tips, and tricks. Expect relevant information delivered in an engaging style — a little laughter goes a long way in learning!

Have you ever asked:

• How Can I Make LinkedIn Work For Me?

• How Can I Achieve More Valuable LinkedIn Connections?

• Why Doesn’t My LinkedIn Profile Show Up In Internet Searches?

• How Can I Better Market Myself or My Company?

Topics Covered:

• Introduction to LinkedIn

• Understand the LinkedIn Methodology

• How To Create An “All-Star” Profile

• Grow and Foster Audience Relationships

• Market Yourself & Your Business

• Conversations & Status Updates

• Understand Groups & Company Pages

We’ll take it one step further. Every participant in training receives a customized assessment of their LinkedIn profile and activity along with suggestions to take you to the next level. Yes, it’s more work for us but we don’t mess around.

Class Duration: 120 minutes

e-Merge Online Marketing understands that combining business goals with our experience and training in developing social media marketing and online marketing strategies is the key to delivering optimal results.

Our core customers are those businesses who are interested in increasing revenue, memberships, contributions, subscriptions, sales, prospects, leads, customers and clients all with one thing in common – the need to market themselves online to help achieve these results.

From Social Media and Online Marketing Consulting for the “do-it-yourselfer” to completely outsourcing your Social Media Management efforts, e-Merge Online Marketing can handle it all.

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